2nd Grade Stepping Stones 2.0 I Can Statements for Modules 1-12



This file includes the learning targets for each lesson of Stepping Stones 2.0 Modules 1-12 for Grade 2.

Contents (162 pages total)
-Terms of Use

-How to Use
-Thank you!
-Binder Cover
-Binder Spine
-Cover Sheet for each Module

-1 Sheet per lesson for Modules 1-12 with

“I can” statements (Each learning target sheet includes the module and lesson at the bottom so you can’t get them mixed up.)

How to use

1. Print on colored paper (optional: print double-sided, flip on short edge)

2. Place into sheet protectors

3. Store in a 2-inch binder until needed

4. Pull out the learning targets for your current module and keep them together with a binder ring

5. Display in your classroom (I hang it from a Command Hook above my whiteboard)

I’m currently working on creating the Stepping Stones 2.0 I can statements for grades 3-5.

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