Fun and Engaging Valentine’s Day Activities Your Class Will Love!

Holidays are a great opportunity to change up your everyday classroom routines.

January is coming to a close and Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching.

Are you looking for Valentine’s Day activities that you can do with your class?

Here are 5 fun, easy, and engaging Valentine’s Day activities your class will love!

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1. Mailboxes and Cards

Every year, I send home this letter inviting students to decorate a “mailbox” and write cards for their classmates.

This is as an opportunity for students to practice writing letters. We also use this activity to discuss the career of postal workers.

In addition to this, it’s also a fun way to parents to get involved. They get to help their child express their creativity.

I encourage families to use materials from home instead of feeling pressured to go out and buy things.

I also make sure to offer supplies to my students who may not have the means to create their box and cards at home.

On Valentine’s Day, my students place their mailbox on their desks and walk around delivering their cards to their peers. They love to marvel at each other’s handiwork and enjoy look through their goodies afterwards!

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Fun and Engaging Valentine's Day Activities Your Class Will Love!

2. Valentine’s Story Problems

In my class, one of our everyday math routines is solving story problems.

Each day, students take out their Learning Log tablet and complete that day’s story problem.

At the beginning of February, I like change things up by having them solve Valentine’s Day themed story problems.

There are 5 addition and 5 subtraction story problems that you can use leading up to February 14.

You could also use these by having students work in groups to solve the story problems on large chart paper. After presenting their solutions to the class, you could hang them up around the room.

Fun and Engaging Valentine's Day Activities Your Class Will Love!

3. Valentine’s Day Scramble

How many words can you make from the letters in “Valentine’s Day?”

This Valentine’s Day Scramble is a fun yet challenging way for students to stretch their brains and try to think of as many words as they can.

Break your class up into groups and have them challenge to see which group can think of the most words in a given amount of time!

You could change the requirements to make it more difficult if you wanted to.

  • Each of your words have to have 4 or more letters.
  • Each of your words have to have a long vowel sound.
  • Each of your words have to include our focus sound of the week.
  • Each of your words has to start with a different letter.

This Valentine’s Day activity could also be used as an independent work station while you work with a small group.

Fun and Engaging Valentine's Day Activities Your Class Will Love!

4. Candy Graphing

Who says Valentine’s Day is only about candy hearts? With this interactive graphing activity, your students will voice their opinions about their favorite Valentine’s Day candy.

You can create a large chart and/or have each student record the findings on their own graph.

Afterwards, ask students compare the different candies to see which one their peers like most and which they like least!

As an added bonus, the next day, you could bring in that candy for a treat 🙂

I also have a version of the graph to record their favorite Valentine’s Day Desserts. Yum!

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Fun and Engaging Valentine's Day Activities Your Class Will Love!

5. Random Acts of Kindness

I love to have my students write nice notes to different people in their lives.

This could be other staff members at your school, their families, other kids they play with who aren’t in your class, the crossing guard, etc.

In their notes, they could express thanks, say something they like about that person, or record a fun memory they had with them.

This teaches them the beautiful simplicity of showing kindness to those around them. They learn how a simple note and brighten someone’s day.

Here’s a fun tip. Encourage your students to stealthily deliver their notes so that the person will find it and be surprised by their thoughtfulness.

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Bonus: Homework Pass

Instead of giving my students candy or cards for Valentine’s Day, I give each student 1 Homework Pass.

The Homework Pass can be used for 1 assignment at any time.

I have them place it in the back of their homework binder so they don’t lose it.

Whenever they decide to redeem it, I collect the pass and record on it the assignment they’re using it for.

At the end of the year, I reward the students who completed all of their homework without having to use their homework pass.

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Finally, need some last minute gift ideas?

Here are a few last minute gifts your students will enjoy!

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Do you have any fun Valentine’s Day activities to share? I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below 🙂

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!

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